I-SKY Group provides holistic, integrated, multidimensional solutions for governments, police, army, intelligence agencies, airports, seaports, and border crossings.



  • Green Technology

    I-SKY GREEN is an innovative global company, providing comprehensive, integrated, multi-dimensional solutions in the fields of Water Purification, Solar Energy, and Waste Management.

    I-SKY GREEN’s multidisciplinary team keeps abreast of and is continually assessing the latest developments in their fields of expertise in order to ensure that they can tailor the most effective and efficient solutions for clients.

    As a world leader in its expertise, I-SKY GREEN invests in new technological processes and follows world best standards of environmental protection of waste resources for obtaining alternative energy.

    Waste Management

    I-SKY GREEN provides a comprehensive range of innovative waste recycling services to government and specialized companies. In fact, we provide solutions that go far beyond simple treatment.

    Our waste management consultancy services are delivered by a first-rate project team with a range of skills and a wealth of experience in the waste industry.


    Water Purification

    I-SKY GREEN provides water purification solutions for civil, military, and high-end users.

    Cutting-edge technologies enable the economic solution of wastewater and highly contaminated water, preserving this important resource.

    I-SKY GREEN offers advanced technologies to treat any kind of water.


    Solar Farm

    One of I-SKY GREEN’s missions is to make a difference by developing cost-efficient alternatives to traditional energy sources, without long-term dependence on government subsidies.

    We offer Project Development, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Operations, Maintenance, and Financing Solutions for any size project – from utility scale solar farms to medium sized industrial sites.

  • Integration

    I-Sky Group has built a global reputation integrating best-of-breed technologies into cost effective comprehensive solutions that significantly improve operational efficiency.

    Offering high performance end-to-end solutions, I-Sky Group teams are backed by years of experience operating in the international arena and a commercial network that reaches across multiple industries.

    The Group's tailor-made solutions are deployed by clients that include government agencies, multinational and large / medium sized corporations, and public and private organizations of divers kinds.


    I-Sky Group provides today's most advanced technology-based Intelligence solutions to help analyze and protect customers’ vital information and/or infrastructure.

    With wide ranging expertise and proven experience, I-Sky Group's comprehensive capabilities cover the spectrum of IT network services as well as non-traditional platform exploitation including network virtualization, modeling and simulation.

    Combining intelligence analysis, special operations and cutting-edge technology know-how in our core competence, I-Sky's innovative analytics and secure web and open source solutions support all aspects of our customers' operations.


    With in-house expertise, covering all aspects of today's complex Cyberspace, I-Sky Group is a one-stop-shop for integrated solutions tailored to customers' dynamic needs. Backed by a global track record, I-Sky Group's proven Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) solutions have been successfully implemented in scores of highly demanding Cyber projects

    Our daily life, economic vitality, and national security depend on a stable, safe and resilient cyberspace.
    US Dept. of Homeland Security

    I-Sky Group's comprehensive cyber solutions protect against potential disruption from both physical and digital intrusion. Leveraging a spectrum of core competences, the Group serves clients at every stage of a project's life cycle:
    initial risk analysis & vulnerability assessment
    solution definition, best of breed technology identification
    implementation, integration & optimization
    full post-deployment support

    Implementing a multi-dimensional approach to Cyberspace, I-Sky Group's highly qualified and experienced personnel deliver state-of-the-art solutions that integrate best of breed technologies and field-proven methodologies. As a result, I-Sky Group enables clients to build robust and dynamic cyber systems in their organization.



    Environmentally Friendly, Economically Superior and Innovative Renewable Energy and Recycling Solutions. We bring the future into the present, providing an extensive range of custom, turn-key energy and recycling technologies, training and post-sales.

  • R & D

    Bringing years of top level global experience to every project, I-Sky Group delivers highly effective, flexible software solutions that help customers deal with real-world challenges.

    Led by a multi-disciplinary team of experts with extensive operational experience, I-Sky Group provides highly effective software for divers fields of commercial, government and civil institution activity.
    Backed by in-depth knowledge of international business practices and protocols, and highly proficient in global regulations, our open systems help clients quickly achieve improved operational efficiency – without the need for extensive, often disruptive customization or year-long deployment.
    Easily adopted, user friendly and intuitive, our cutting edge solutions incorporate agile data integration with dynamic relationship mapping and interactive visualizations, and are offered as an On-site or S/W as a service basis.

  • Financials

    I-Sky Group provides a perfect environment in which to match your business development needs with our global network of investors (VC and Private Equity Funds) and other entrepreneurs.

    Over the years, I-Sky Group has built an extensive network of global contacts in each of our areas of expertise. This makes us a highly valued resource for start-up companies seeking early or later-stage capital from Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds and other potential investors.

    Our experience in top-level cross-industry operations enables us to provide valuable insight and analysis of financing possibilities for many specific sectors, and allows companies to keep pace with the latest in investment trends and optimize their capital-raising strategies.

    Much more than an intermediary, we have created a well-respected online venue that connects potential investors directly to growing companies. Giving investors a unique 'window' to find interesting and relevant opportunities, our financing platform offers potential investors direct access to companies' key executives.


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